Our Farm

From our Fields to your Glass

Our eco-friendly on farm distillery is located in the picturesque Kilkenny countryside, just 15 minutes from Kilkenny city. The Gings view themselves very much as custodians of the combined farm and distillery operations, aspiring to hand the farm on to future generations as a more sustainable operation than when they started farming in Ballykeefe. To this end the distillery was established to complement and diversify operations on the farm which began as a beef and tillage operations. We grow our barley on our family farm here in the picturesque Kilkenny countryside. This is very important to us as we can assure you, that our barley is grown to the highest quality. Once our barley has reached peak ripeness it is harvested. The straw that comes from the harvest, is used as bedding for the cattle during the winter months and we feed the by-products of distillation to the livestock so there is absolutely no off-farm waste to contaminate the environment.

The creation of the first Whiskey distillery in Kilkenny in over 200 years has revived a lost tradition, making Ballykeefe Distillery a unique grain-to-glass operation.