Limited Edition Range

Ballykeefe Lady Desart Gin

An original dry Gin, with a magical oriental twist, the 12 botanicals combine to enhance and enrich the juniper flavour with a subtle lemon freshness. It is the ingenious inclusion of three rare oriental peppers that make this a truly exceptional Gin. Wild Forest and Long Red peppers are handpicked in the wild mountain forest of Vietnam, while the other is the infamous Cambodian Mondulkiri red pepper.

Nose: Pre-sneeze pepper hit on the nose, with a spruce like hit of juniper and fresh perfumed notes of lemon and lime

Palate: Exceptionally clean and fresh, juniper gives way to citrus, citrus gives way to palate cleansing pepper, slightly dry finish with big kick of citrus and pepper heat.

Perfect Serve: Copa glass filled with ice, 50ml of Lady Desart Gin, ¼ mild red chilli, stir into the ice, top with Poachers Classic Tonic, finish garnished with a twisted bunch of fresh coriander

Ballykeefe Sloe Gin

Steeped in folklore there are many secrets to be observed in the recipe and the method of making this Winter special. Ballykeefe has revived the best of these traditions to bring you a Sloe Gin that is sure to warm your soul, once the first frost of winter falls on the blackthorns.

Nose: Deep plum scents, complex botanical notes, cinnamon spice and blackcurrant

Palate: Viscous and smooth mouth feel, stoned fruit and astringent blackthorn balance with syrupy cassis flavours, warming and spicy finish all the way down

Perfect Serve: 5 or 6 raspberries, 35ml Sloe Gin, mash together and top with 100ml of ice cold Prosecco

Ballykeefe Irish Moonshine with Exotic Spices

Ballykeefe Distillery revives a centuries lost tradition of family farm distilleries at the birthplace of Irish Whiskey. Ballykeefe Irish Moonshines, is a special spirit, distilled from Ballykeefe barley and magically transformed with exotic spices. An exciting and sophisticated spirit characterised by subtle notes of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and star anise.

Nose: Spiced shortbread biscuit, with a hint of caramelised pineapple.

Palate: Hints of Whiskey followed by Christmas cake, ‘cinnamon and spice and all things nice’ long finish and thoroughly warming

Perfect Serve: 35ml of Irish Moonshine over ice in a highball glass, top with cloudy apple juice and a slice of fresh apple, stir with a cinnamon stick

Ballykeefe Aged Vodka – Rye Casks

There was a time when family farm distilleries flourished all over Ireland….today there is Ballykeefe.  A limited-edition release of Aged Vodka from Ballykeefe Distillery. Lightly coloured reminiscent of digestive biscuits, this limited-edition release was left to rest in two Rye Whiskey casks for 12 months. Only 1,200 bottles have been produced.

Nose: Very forward in oak with rich vanilla and caramel aromas and a hint of buttery cake mix and banana, underlying earthiness of malted barley and rye

Palate: After the initial hit of alcohol gives way you are left with subtle flavours of cream soda, vanilla and caramel, leaving a deeper taste of black treacle and dark caramel with a pleasantly sweet and slightly smoky finish

Perfect Serve: Served in a brandy glass warmed to room temperature to really develop the sublime and subtle flavours, a real purists tipple