Ballykeefe Gin

Ballykeefe Extra Dry Irish Gin

Produced with carefully selected botanicals, ingeniously and uniquely crafted for Ballykeefe by one of the world’s most highly awarded Gin Distillers. The 12 botanicals are vapour infused in an Italian copper pot still, to create an extra dry Gin of exceptional quality which was recognised when it was awarded Gold on its first attempt in the premier “London Dry” category at the 2019 World Gin Awards.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh citrus notes with a hint of spice and a lingering floral bouquet.

Palate: Immediate hit of juniper and citrus, mid palate of warming spiced flavours.

Finish: Very dry on the finish, making the next sip a must.

Perfect Serve

Copa glass filled with ice, add 35.5ml of Ballykeefe Gin and top with premium tonic water. Garnish with a thin slice of ginger and lime.