Ballykeefe Gin

Ballykeefe Extra Dry Irish Gin

Ballykeefe Distillery is proud to bring you an outstanding gin of true provenance and distinctive pedigree. Twelve carefully selected botanicals including juniper, cubeb peppers, elderflower, pink grapefruit and cassia are gently vapour infused through our copper pot still before being hand blended using Ballykeefe water.

Tasting Notes

On the Nose

Fresh citrus notes with a hint of spice and a lingering floral bouquet.

On the Palate

Immediate hit of juniper and citrus, mid palate of warming spiced Christmas flavours.

The Finish

Very dry on the finish, making the next sip a must.

Perfect Serve

Fill a glass with plenty of ice, add a thin slice of lime and ginger, give a good stir and top to taste with a premium classic tonic water.