Ballykeefe Vodka

Ballykeefe Potato Irish Vodka

The humble potato, with its special importance in Irish history and folklore, is also widely acclaimed as a source of the highest quality alcohol. At Ballykeefe we distil the potato spirit six times through our bespoke, custom made Italian copper pot and column stills. An award- winning super premium Vodka, so smooth and sophisticated, it achieved Best Irish Vodka in the Irish Whiskey Awards 2018.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Light white pepper and a hint of freshly sliced potato.

Palate: Creamy turning clear. Black pepper and macadamia nuts.

Finish: Clean and rounded. Smooth potato finish with mineral notes.

Perfect Serve

Tumbler glass filled with ice, add 35.5ml of Ballykeefe Vodka, 50ml elderflower tonic with lime and mint.