Ballykeefe Poitin

Ballykeefe Super Premium Irish Poitín

Poitín has a special place in Irish folklore, produced for centuries in defiance of a legal ban from 1661 to 1997, Ballykeefe Poitín recaptures that rebellious legacy, by winning a Master Class award, at the Global Spirit Masters 2018. An Award, normally reserved for the rarest and finest aged spirits, putting Ballykeefe Poitín in a class of its own. Handcrafted in 7 stages over 7 days, it is triple distilled in Italian copper pot stills.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Slightly fruity with hints of Rhine Valley wines.

Palate: Warming and viscous with a malted biscuit flavour, hints of red peppers and new oak.

Finish: Long with an oakey sherry finish and a rich buttery feel

Perfect Serve

Tumbler glass filled with ice, add 35.5ml of Ballykeefe Poitín and top with premium ginger ale. Garnish with a thin slice of orange or orange peel.